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Thumbnail Indian Games - Andrew McFarland Davis

Indian Games - Andrew Mcfarland Davis

"There are," says Father Brebeuf in his account of what was worthy of note among the Hurons in 1636, [Footnote: Relations des Jesuites, Quebec, 1858, p....

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Thumbnail Lady Into Fox - David Garnett

Lady Into Fox - David Garnett

Wonderful or supernatural events are not so uncommon, rather they are irregular in their incidence. Thus there may be not one marvel to speak of in...

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Thumbnail Echoes of the War - J. M. Barrie

Echoes Of The War - J. M. Barrie

Three nice old ladies and a criminal, who is even nicer, are discussing the war over a cup of tea. The criminal, who is the hostess,...

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Thumbnail Stories of Ships and the Sea - Jack London

Stories Of Ships And The Sea - Jack London

This nautical-themed collection of Jack London's short stories includes: "Typhoon Off the Coast of Japan" (Jack London's first story, published at the age of seventeen), "Chris...

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