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Thumbnail Oriental Enlightenment - J.J. Clarke

Oriental Enlightenment - J.j. Clarke

The West has long had an ambivalent attitude toward the philosophical traditions of the East. Voltaire claimed that the East is the civilization "to which the...

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Thumbnail Content and Consciousness - Daniel C. Dennett

Content And Consciousness - Daniel C. Dennett

First published in 2002. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company. Author: Dennett, Daniel C. Publisher: Routledge Illustration: n Language: ENG Title: Content and Consciousness Pages: 00216 (E......

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Thumbnail Bounds of Sense - P. F. Strawson

Bounds Of Sense - P. F. Strawson

This influential study of Kant in which Strawson seeks to detach the true analytical and critical achievement of Kant's work from the unacceptable metaphysics with which...

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Thumbnail On Religion - John D. Caputo

On Religion - John D. Caputo

"On Religion" is a thrilling and accessible exploration of religious faith today. If God is dead, why is religion back? Digging up the roots of all...

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Thumbnail On the Internet - Hubert L. Dreyfus

On The Internet - Hubert L. Dreyfus

"On the Internet" is a sharp and stimulating discussion of the promises of the internet. Going beyond the hype of the cybercrowd, Dreyfus, a celebrated writer...

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