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Thumbnail Depression - Dorothy Rowe

Depression - Dorothy Rowe

This best-selling book, now in its second edition, contains the stories of people who have changed their lives by conquering depression for good. Author: Rowe, Dorothy Publisher: Routledge Illustration:...

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Thumbnail Book of the Words - Albert Pike

Book Of The Words - Albert Pike

Pike's classic dictionary of the words used in the degrees of the Scottish Rite. PDF Format. Author: Pike, Albert Publisher: Cornerstone Book Publishers Illustration: N Language: ENG Title: Book of the...

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Thumbnail Sea Warfare - Rudyard Kipling

Sea Warfare - Rudyard Kipling

This volume contains Kipling's collected of essays, poems, theories, and reminisciences on sea warfare, from submarines to destroyers, with the personal and philosophical touches that mark...

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Thumbnail Queer Theory and Social Change - , H

Queer Theory And Social Change - , H

Explores the emergence of new ways of explaining the positioning of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered peoples in the context of debates around culture, experience and...

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