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Thumbnail Childhood - Chris Jenks

Childhood - Chris Jenks

Childhood offers a greater appreciation of the social factors that make up our knowledge of children and childhood. Viewing childhood from a social constsructionist perspective, it...

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Thumbnail In a Lonely Street - Frank Krutnik

In A Lonely Street - Frank Krutnik

Taking issue with many orthodox views of "Film Noir," Frank Krutnik argues for a reorientation of the compulsively engaging area of Hollywood cultural production. By analysing...

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Thumbnail New Documentary - Stella Bruzzi

New Documentary - Stella Bruzzi

Bruzzi relates contemporary cinema to the documentary tradition, exploring questions of authorship, spectatorship and 'truth' in the context of issues of race, gender and performance. Author: Bruzzi,...

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Thumbnail On Video - Roy Armes

On Video - Roy Armes

Though video systems are now growing ever more accessible, and practical video work is undertaken at every level of education, this is the first book-length historical...

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