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Thumbnail Treason and the State - D. Alan Orr

Treason And The State - D. Alan Orr

This study traces the transition of treason from a personal crime against the monarch to a modern crime against the impersonal state. It consists of four...

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Thumbnail Money Laundering - Guy Stessens

Money Laundering - Guy Stessens

This book gives a broad analysis of the legal issues raised by the international fight against money laundering. It offers an extensive comparative research of...

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Thumbnail Antitrust Law - Keith N. Hylton

Antitrust Law - Keith N. Hylton

This book is an effort to consolidate several different perspectives on antitrust law. First, Professor Hylton presents a detailed description of the law as it has...

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Thumbnail Minority Shareholders' Remedies - A. J. Boyle

Minority Shareholders' Remedies - A. J. Boyle

A. J. Boyle assesses the current state of English company law on minority shareholders' remedies from historical, theoretical and comparative perspectives in this important new addition...

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