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Thumbnail Farming Daze - , Elizabeth Underwood

Farming Daze - , Elizabeth Underwood

When a crippling motorcycle accident forced Elizabeth Underwood to give up her city job, she swapped her suburban home for the backblocks, a smallholding, 19th-century farmhouse...

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Thumbnail Love Like Blood - J.J. Massa

Love Like Blood - J.j. Massa

Writer Julianna Gold is a strong woman and that's a good thing. Most people would crumble faced with her challenges. Disease, blindness, a bad marriage and...

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Thumbnail The Coven Initiates - Wesley Lowe

The Coven Initiates - Wesley Lowe

At long last, after the plague of the Demon Wars and the following blight of Bain the Dragon Kingâs rule, peace has finally come to the...

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